Sponsored Emails

Reach CSI members and our broader community of over 30,000 AEC professionals with a custom Sponsored Email promoting your next event, product or service launch. We provide the template, you create the message, CSI sends the email, you watch the traffic come in. It’s that simple. Keep the CSI community up to date with what your company is doing through a trusted name like the Construction Specifications Institute.

Sponsorship Fee:

CSI Members and Corporate Partners: $4,000

CSI Non-Members: $6,000

2020 Stats:

  • Delivered to 30,000+ AEC professionals

  • Average Open Rate: over 19%

  • Average Click-to-Open Rate: over 8%

Here's How It Works:

  • Your customized HTML email message to CSI’s extended community of 30,000+ individuals (subject to CSI approval)

  • Sponsor provides HTML file with hosted images and required CSI footer and Sponsored Content header ten days prior to distribution date

  • CSI provides tests for Sponsor review and approval

  • CSI provides Sponsor with email stats, including number of emails sent, opens and clicks