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CSI Weekly eNewsletter Sponsored Content

The CSI Weekly eNewsletter is delivered to over 40,000 professionals in the AECO community and is a trusted resource for CSI members and the broader community to keep up to date with what CSI and our partners are doing. CSI is now offering companies like yours the opportunity to feature a section of sponsor-provided content in the Weekly, which you can use to promote your latest product, blog article, webinar, an upcoming event, company initiative, etc. With an average open rate of over 30% and an average click through rate of 7%, the CSI Weekly newsletter is an excellent vehicle for delivering your message to the CSI community.

The Stats
  • Average open rate: over 30%

  • Average click through rate: 7%

  • 87% of the CSI Weekly audience is involved in the initiation, recommendation, specification, approval or purchase of one or more products or services in every MasterFormat division

Sponsorship Fee: $3,000 per placement

Sponsorship includes:

  • One (1) dedicated section in one issue of the CSI Weekly eNewsletter where you can feature content of your choice (subject to CSI approval, section will be placed below the fold)

  • Opportunity to include one banner image at the top of your sponsored section (650 pixels wide by 272 pixels tall, subject to CSI approval)

  • Text included in section must be no longer than 100 words

  • Opportunity to include CTA button in sponsored section

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