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After reviewing these Terms, please return to the MSR Resource Center and click "Submit" on the Terms Agreement Task to accept all of these terms below:

  • Your company registered for a Knowledge Exchange Table. Registration fees cover MSR meals and networking events, one-on-one meetings, Attendee Directory listing, and access to all attendee contact information.

  • I understand that my name, company affiliation, and photo will be used to promote the MSR

  • I agree to participate in all one-on-one meeting events listed on the MSR agenda.

  • I understand that MSR events are for registered participants only. My spouse/guests are welcome to accompany me to the hotel at their own expense, but will not attend any MSR events.

  • I understand that the participation fee includes only my participation and that additional representatives from my firm may not attend the event unless they have paid an additional fee and have been approved to attend. (Only two building product manufacturer executives per company permitted unless CSI has granted prior approval.)

  • I understand that additional networking events (ex. hospitality suite, hosted dinner, golf, etc.) hosted by me/my firm are prohibited unless secured as an official event sponsorship. (Please contact Business Development Director Maureen Eyles at 703-706-4744 or for sponsorship opportunities.)

  • I understand that I have been selected to participate based on my professional experience and that substitutions are not acceptable.

  • I understand and agree that as an MSR participant, I am expected to abide by the antitrust laws of the United States and any other jurisdiction having authority over the MSR locale. MSR activities shall not be used to bring agreement or any form of collusion among competitors regarding prices, terms, or conditions of sale, or to negatively impact free, fair, and open competition in the market. For more on CSI Antitrust Guidelines, see the CSI Code of Conduct.

  • I understand that other firms may have materials, samples, or other items on display which are not typically made available to the general public, and that some of these items may contain or constitute trade secrets. I agree not to remove any materials which I did not bring to the MSR without the express consent of the owner of those materials, nor to take any action which may tend to reveal trade secrets or any other information or materials which may give competitive advantage.

  • I understand and agree that I bring materials to the MSR at my own risk. I understand that CSI will take reasonable action to prevent any loss or theft of materials, but CSI does not guarantee the security of the meeting areas, exhibit areas, or any other premises on which MSR takes place, nor of the security of any materials from observation or theft by others. 

  • In the event I am unable to attend the MSR, I agree to notify CSI immediately. (Please contact Business Development Director Maureen Eyles at 703-706-4744 or  I understand the following cancellation policy will apply: You may cancel your participation without penalty before March 1, 2021. All cancellations must be in writing. Please send to Cancellations between March 1 and April 30 are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. There are no refunds for cancellations after May 3, 2021.

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